g e t  c o n n e c t e d

City Groups are a vital part of building community within our church. We desire to see transforming relationships with each person and Jesus through every group. The mission of our City Groups is to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment where people can grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. Our vision is a healthy and thriving groups ministry that grows deep and wide.

  • James & Cristie Woods

    When: Thursday (bi-weekly) 6:30PM

    Where: 149 Cheshire Drive, Andersonville, TN 37705

    Why: This is a great opportunity to share our story at a more personal level and tell of the amazing things God has done in our lives while also reflecting on the Pastor's message and how it can be applied in our daily walk. To encourage relationships to be firmly founded in Jesus Christ. To show that there is nothing better than sharing your life with the one God chooses for you. To see and experience spiritual growth and maturity with those He has blessed us to serve with. To reach those through unique avenues that otherwise may be unreachable.

    Childcare: This group is more geared toward couples. No official childcare will be provided.

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  • Kris and Jackie Daley

    When: Friday (bi-weekly) 6:30PM

    Where: 104 Huntington Lane, Heiskell, TN 37754

    Why: I believe strongly that we need to worship and learn as a family and can’t wait to do so in our City Group.

    Childcare: No official childcare is planned; however, it can be arranged if needed.

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  • Sabrina Thompson

    When: Wednesday (bi-weekly) 6:30PM

    Where: 211 Walden Ave. Harriman, TN  37748

    Why: To reach all people with the gospel no mater where there are in life. Everyone is welcome!

    Childcare: No childcare will be provided, but all are welcome to attend!

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  • Justin Mayes

    When: Thursday (bi-weekly) - 6:30PM

    Where: City Lights Church

    Childcare: No childcare will be provided.

    Description: This City Group will have a focus in the area of anyone and everyone struggling with addiction. This will include family that has been affected by it. This group will focus on the theme - "How do I apply Biblical principles to overcome what I'm dealing with?"

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