Thinking about volunteering?

Get connected!

The best way to get connected to a volunteer group at City Lights is by signing up for The Gauge! This is a two week shadowing period that helps you determine what your gifts and interests are for volunteering. 

When people think of volunteering in the church this thought often comes to mind, "I'll be there f-o-r-e-v-e-r!" We promise that won't happen. During these two weeks there's no commitment to any particular volunteer group. It really is about figuring out what you enjoy and what specific volunteer group is best for you. 

The Gauge is on the first & third Sunday's of each month. You can sign up by marking your Connection Card during our Sunday service.

For more information about volunteering email us at:

Are you ready to get connected?!


  • first impressions

    Our First Impressions team is responsible for helping create the atmosphere for our Sunday morning experience. Most people who attend church make up their mind about that church before they even sit in the service.

    First Impressions is literally just that, the team that helps create the first impressions for guests. We want every guest to feel welcomed from the time they pull in until the time they get back in their car to leave. We believe every guest is very important so we work hard to create an engaging and welcoming environment.

    To sign up for our First Impressions Team,  click here!

  • city Kidz

    Do you enjoy spending time with kids? If you have a way with kids that looks like mind control from the outside looking in, then this might be the place for you!

    All throughout the Bible it's clear that children are a gift from God and are very important to Jesus. Because of that, we take the responsibility and opportunity to teach them and love on them seriously.

    We understand the greatest influence a child can have is their parents but we want to help play a significant role in helping parents set the spiritual foundation for their lives. We use teaching curriculum, crafts, and engaging activities on Sunday mornings that are fun and memorable!

    To sign up for our City Kidz Team, click here

  • Student Ministry

    Are you gifted with understanding and communicating with teenagers? Do you have a passion for influencing our youth in a positive way, and serving our community in the name of Jesus? If so, then our Student Ministry Team is the place for you!

    To sign up for our Student Ministry Team, click here

  • production

    Are you the kind of person that sits in our service (and everywhere else you go) and thinks about how much better the sound and lighting could be? If so, this is the team for you!

    Our Production Team is always the first to show up on Sunday mornings to get things set up and ready to go. This team runs and maintains the quality of sound during the service; helps create the atmosphere by running the lighting and also leads the technical aspect of our visual displays.

    To sign up for our Production Team, click here

  • digital communications team

    Familiar with Facebook or Instagram? Do you have an interest in working with digital media? If so, then you should check out our Communications Team! Learn how to create graphics for social media, run a video camera and MUCH more! 

    To sign up for our Communications Team, click here!

  • worship

    Think you can sing or play an instrument? If so, we'd love to meet you! Worship is such an important part of our Sunday gatherings and we're always looking to add more people to our team.

    To sign up for our Worship Team, click here!

  • security

    Do you have a knack for acknowledging and following safety protocol? Do serving and protecting come natural to you? Our Security Team might be your best fit!

    To sign up for our Security Team, click here!

  • creative team

    Are you the creative type? Are you good with a camera? Do you have an interest in designing, or building? If you being artsy and thinking outside the box, then you should check out our Creative Team! 

    To sign up for our Creative Team, click here!