City kidz

infant - 5th grade

Do you have kidz between the ages of infant through 5th grade? If so, we've got a great place for them!

On Sunday mornings while moms and dads are engaging in worship and teachings from God's Word, that's exactly what's happening in City Kidz!

This is a fun and safe place for your kidz to learn Biblical truths that are applicable to their lives right now. We get their attention through creative atmospheres, engaging interactions with each other and their teachers while simultaneously teaching them!


Every child in City Kidz is very important to us and because of that we place a great level of safety in everything we do.

Each volunteer is required to pass a background check prior to volunteering. Every weekend we also have a security team that patrols the kidz area to ensure your child's safety. 

We use a number and name tag security system for check-in and check out. If we need to reach you for any reason during the service we have protocols in place that are explained to you during check-in.


We'd love to speak to you at one of our services or you can email us anytime! City Kidz is a growing ministry and we'd love for your family to be a part of all that's happening!


How check-in works


A volunteer will get your information and assist you with check-in process. After your initial visit with City Kidz, you will receive an email with a downloadable QR code. Make sure you hang onto that code, as you will be using it for self check in/out on the iPad at the regular check-in station each week. 

Your child will get a name badge that houses a bar code and security number. As a parent, you will also receive a corresponding bar code and security number. When it is time to check your child out, a City Kidz Volunteer will meet you at the City Kidz entrance and match the numbers from each bar code. After you pick up your kiddo, you will proceed back to the iPad to complete the check-out process.

If there is a need for a parent to pick up their child prior to the service ending, their corresponding security number will flash on the screen in the service.